Top 7 Tech Hijackings
in Conference Rooms
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07: Where's Bob?!
When you've got a meeting in five minutes and your IT person is MIA, can you get your audio/video set up in your conference room?

Or maybe you are Bob, and you are tired of last minute "emergencies" interrupting your work.

Establish an online room reservation calendar. Whenever a room gets reserved, Bob will receive a notification with any notes for preparation assistance.

On the other hand, your conference room doesn't have to require an advanced degree in technology to get set up for a conference room presentation. Lifeline Audio Video can design a system so
easy to 
use a kindergartener could run it.
06: Which remote?
So, maybe you know how to get your room set but getting control of
all the remote controls is another issue.

One remote for the screen. One remote for the projector. Another
remote for sound. And while we're at it, let's throw in a remote for
the thermostat.

Use a label-maker from an office supply store and label each remote
for easy identification.

When you're ready for an upgrade, Lifeline can eliminate the clutter
with an easy-to-use touchpad. And while we're at it, we'll eliminate a
few cords for you at the same time.
05: Plug this in where?
Just when you think you've got it figured out, someone brings in a
device with a cord that doesn't fit anywhere... WTH?!

Take a photo of your input panel and email it to yourself. Then open
it in a photo editor and label each input and the types of devices that
it will accept. If adaptors are required, take a photo of the adaptor
and keep it with your guide. Consider wrapping a label around the
cord in case it gets misplaced.

When your technology becomes outdated, Lifeline will ensure you're
set to connect to ANY device that enters your conference room.
They've even got wireless connection options for you.

No more crowding around a tiny laptop screen for presentations.
04: Can you hear me over there?
Chances are, if you're using the speaker from the projector, not
everyone in the room can hear. Or if they can, the sound quality is
so poor it isn't easy to decipher what is being said.

You may be able to purchase a portable speaker to connect to your
projector as an inexpensive solution.

Alternatively, Lifeline Audio Video Technologies can create a
conference room that allows everyone to hear from throughout the
room without having to crowd around a small projector.

03: Can you hear me from here?
You shouldn't have to yell to be heard because the microphone is in
the middle of the table.

Splitters can be purchased to allow for multiple mics to be
distributed around the table.

If you prefer a clean look without cords across the table, we can
design a system with microphones anywhere you need them so
everyone can participate in the conference call without huddling
around a microphone.

02: Get your eyes checked!
Sometimes the information on the screen makes you wonder if your
prescription on your glasses has become outdated. Chances are,
the room wasn't set up appropriately for the viewing distance.

If it isn't possible to arrange your room for everyone to have a good
vantage point, arrange to simulcast your presentation so those who
have a challenging view can watch the presentation on their phone
or tablet.

When it comes time to update your technology, the experts at
Lifeline Audio Video Technologies have decades of experience
designing venues to be visible from every seat in the room.

01: It just won't work!
When technology hijacks your meeting, it doesn't really matter what caused it... the fact remains that you've likely suffered lost status, lost time, and lost revenue.

Don't risk it. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with
Lifeline Audio Video Technologies today. In almost 
30 years of business, we have never met a room that we can't design to be easy enough to be run by a kindergartner. We take complex technology
and make it 
simple to use.

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